December 18, 2008

Doug Lindores

Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing


Chinook Fishing in Barkley Sound in the summer of 2008 had some fabulous days as seen in this picture.  Tom caught this beautiful fChinook with guide Doug Lindores of Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishng at Gilbraltor Point in Barkley Sound Vancouver Island B.C.  Fishing Chinook in 2009 should again be fabulous.      Christmas and the first day of winter are both quickly approaching.  Once we get into the New Year many individuals will take their minds of the global crisis we have encountered and think of the brighter days that lay ahead.  Many will plan their summer fishing trips in either the protected waters or the Port Alberni Inlet or Barkley Sound areas.  Others will choose Vancouver Islands West Coast and fish the waters offshore.

However at the moment most avid fishermen who fish saltwater probably have their Christmas fishing wish list in and are only slightly thinking of those great summer days that lay ahead on the water.  Items from new rods and reels to various lures and flashers are examples of what some folk may want.  Some might also be fortunate enough to put on their list some new electronic equipment or even a fishing trip or two.

        At the moment the best fishing opportunity is in the many river systems on Vancouver Island.  The Upper and Lower Stamp River located just outside Port Alberni

has some absolutely wonderful steelhead fishing.  Fishing for Feeder Chinook in Barkley Sound and the waters off of Ucluelet has been slow.


Stamp River

         The Stamp River Salmon counters are now closed.  The 2008 return of Chinook and Coho are now in.  The Robertson Creek Hatchery got its egg count but the 27,000 Chinook forecast return was close to 4,000 Chinook Salmon short.  Coho numbers were very good with the final tally to the hatchery at about 43,000.


         Steelhead fishing in the Upper and Lower Stamp River has been good.  Stamp River fishing is absolutely wonderful.  Not only has the fishing been excellent but just being in the great outdoors is absolutely fantastic.  The scenery along the river is superb along with the many wonders and sounds of nature.  The Lower River was a little slower than the Upper River but has really improved over the last four days and is very close to the fishing in the Upper.  There is a mix of summer-fall Steelhead and winter Steelhead.  The winter Steelhead are more prominent in the Lower River.  Those fishing below “the bucket” can use natural bait like salmon eggs in roe bags or shrimp. 

Adam of Edmonton Alberta   playing a fall steelhead with guide Rollie on the Upper Stamp River Guide Kevin displays this beatiful steelhead caught on the Stamp River located just outside Port Alberni Vancouver Island B.C.

Fishermen who are fishing above “the bucket” must remember that only artificial lures can be used.  The  best choice of artificial lures are red spin-n-glows, a corkie, or gooebobs in a subtle color.  Those coming to the area and not using a guide or drift boat can enter the river at the Gun Range or the Galaxy Campground.  People are also fishing above Stamp Falls.  Guides in boats are still treating their guests to some unbelievable fishing.  For example this past weekend guests from Edmonton and Victoria who had never fished the river played six or seven steelhead each.   If you have never fished in the river the various guides will work with you and by the end of the day you will feel like you have done this type of fishing for many years.

          Ian Galland and his beautiful silver fall Steelhead caught on the fly. If you are fishing the river on your own or fishing on a guided trip you will notice that there are various methods and equipment being used.  When the water is low due to dry and cool weather the gear being used is quite small.  The leader lengths are also longer and lighter.  For example, at the moment, because we have not had a lot of rainfall, guides, when using a spin-n-glow are using a #12 in a cherise color.  When there is high water use large gear with shorter leaders and brighter lure colors.  Guides will use large pink worms or a #8 or 10 spin-n-glow with a luminescence finish.




For more information on current conditions and river fishing call or email Doug at 1 877 314 6800.


Port Alberni Inlet

Barkley Sound



          There is not a whole lot of action in either of the areas.  There are a few winter Chinook being picked up around Swale Rock and Vernon Bay located in Barkley Sound in 125 to 135 feet of water.  Anchovy in a chartreuse Rhys Davis teaser head is working as are various white hootchies. The same holds true out of Ucluelet where during the month of November it is very difficult to fish due to winter storms. We have been able to fish a couple of days one of those being on Sunday December 7. Beg Island and Sail Rock had a few fish and two guests from Alberta were delighted to pickup a 7 and 9 pound winter Chinook on a hootchie with 44 inches of leader.  Most of our Ucluelet trips will end up in Barkley Sound.  We will include prawn and crab fishing plus Feeder Chinook fishing.  We are now booking trips out of Ucluelet where we will also have our Seafood Safari.  The Seafood Safari is very popular where guests have opportunity to fish for salmon, rock fish, prawns and crab.  Trips begin in January with the Seafood Safari actually getting under way in late March.                                                                                                                   


        The Inlet will not have any salmon sport fishing opportunity until the sockeye arrive next June.  Following the sockeye fishery Chinook begin to show by August 10, or so, followed by Coho in early September.  The return of Chinook and Coho once again looks fairly promising for 2009.


          The 2009 Summer Barkley Sound fishing should be very good.  We are looking forward to some excellent June and July fishing.   The migratory numbers will be strong.  The Columbia River for example is forecast to have big returns of fish.  Many of these fish come into Barkley Sound to feed on the rich resources of bait fish.  In August and September the areas returning salmon show up with many returning to their natural streams or head up to the Alberni Inlet where they return to the Robertson Creek Hatchery or many of the tributary streams or creeks.


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