OCTOBER 8 th 2008

The salmon returning back to the various rivers and streams in the area are decent in numbers. The Stamp Falls Counters from October 1 st through October 6 th recorded a day time count of 2,832 Chinook and 4,390 Coho. October 2 nd saw the largest number of Chinook come through at 651, while on October 1 st the largest Coho day for early October was 1,090. Other tributary streams and creeks seem to be doing well. There however is need for plenty of water to enter many of the tributary creeks as Great Central Lake is very low in water due to concerns of the main dam. I suppose we have to hope there is plenty of rain in October and November.

Fishing in the Stamp has been off and on. Fly fishing has been good for Coho and some of the late Summer Steelhead. One has had to make sure that moving around the river is easy to find the fish. Recently we have had groups that have fished both the Stamp and the Nahmint. Good numbers of Chum are showing in the Nahmint where some great fishing has occurred. Sarita has also had some good Chum fishing where the fish are up to just over 20 pounds. We are expecting some great Coho and Steelhead fishing in the Stamp during October. Coho numbers to date through the counters are approximately 35,000.

Port Alberni Inlet, Barkley Sound, and Ucluelet fishing has been off and on. The Inlet has had plenty of Coho, Chinook, and Chum but it has been difficult to get anything to bite for the last two weeks. Guides John and Mel have had a few difficult days but the Prawn fishing up until September 30 th was unbelievable. Traps have had from 60 to 100 prawns per trap per set in various Port Alberni Inlet areas. Cous Creek has had an incredible number of Chum. Late last week a net fishery for Chum showed unbelievable numbers. Some sets came up with 200 and 300 Chum Salmon. Chum salmon put up an incredible battle and seem to smoke very well. Barkley Sound and Ucluelet have had some beautiful water days up until last Wednesday October 2 nd . However a weather change made it difficult for boats to get out over the past weekend in the Ucluelet area. Fishing for guide Mike up until early October was good just around South Bank and out at the Big Bank. Halibut at 200 feet at Big Bank are still in pretty good numbers as are feeder Chinook which have been in the deeper water. The feeder Chinook seem to come up into shallower water early in the day and around tide changes. The feeder Chinook have been averaging 10 to 12 pounds. Glow hootchies especially a well known Ucluelet hootchie known as “the ugly” has been doing very well. Guides Mike and Al both feel the halibut and feeder springs will be excellent until the end of October. Barkley Sound has had a few good Coho fishing days. Guide Doug fished Coho with some good results the last weekend of September. Pill Point was still reasonably good with some nice silver fish. The Coho were hitting white hootchies especially the AORL12 hootchie. Two green hootchies the spatterback and the T Rex had some very good results. Many people will use the Thanksgiving weekend as there last fishing days of the current year.

Most fisher people will target Coho while some will also try for Chum which still should have good color as they are not yet influenced by fresh water while in the waters of the Sound.

Guided trips will continue on the west coast up until the end of October. Stamp River fishing will continue with salmon and Summer Steelhead. December will see the Winter Steelhead season begin. Our fall packages for fishing and accomodation is incredible. Please contact Doug for further information and possible river trips through mid November.

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