August 13

Slivers Charters Salmon Sport Fishing


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The 2013 summer conditions for sport fishing and for, that matter,

most outdoor activities on the west coast of Vancouver Island have

been more than ideal.  Bright sunny and very warm days have been

persistent since the first day of July.  There has been less than normal

precipitation, winds off the coast have been definitely persistent for the

first half of July but inside the surf line of Barkley Sound the conditions

have been more than ideal.  Ideal conditions for sport fishing are

forecast to be very similar for much of the rest of this summer.

The Salmon sport fishing in most of the Pacific Rim regions has

been very consistent since early June.  The majestic months of summer

are quickly passing but the salmon fishing in many areas of the Pacific

Rim region seems to be getting better and better.  Large schools

of transient salmon have been moving along the coast to the large

watersheds to the south.  Local Vancouver Island salmon will begin to

appear in coastal waters very soon.  With August now here we should

begin to see some of this season’s biggest Chinook and Coho appear

on Vancouver Islands’ west coast.  This should also be true in many

of the inshore areas of Barkley Sound.  The salmon fishing on the surf

line and many inshore areas of The Sound and the West Coast offshore

areas from both Bamfield and Ucluelet have been extremely good.  The

Chinook and Coho are getting larger.  The Coho since early June are

putting on nearly a pound per week as they feed on the rich resources

of bait fish found on the banks offshore and in the pristine waters of

Barkley Sound.  We are expecting a great August and September for

sport fishing.  Although the West Coast Vancouver Island Chinook

returns will be less than normal the Coho numbers are expected to be

well above average.  The sport fishing will be very good with lots of fun

and excitement for all.

Port Alberni Inlet and Barkley Sound

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Currently there is very little fishing in the Alberni Inlet.  A few

boats were out on the inlet waters during the August long weekend

attempting to land the last of the straggling Sockeye.  July produced

three fairly good weeks of Sockeye fishing.  The run size unfortunately

was downsized to 300,000 pieces.  Currently one hundred and ninety

thousand pieces have moved through the fish ways.  Great Central

Lake has currently eighty-four thousand and Sproat Lake one hundred

and six thousand.  With the forecasted run size there should be an

escapement of approximately two hundred and thirty thousand.

The inlet will more than likely see a very large armada of sport

boats near the last week of August.  The 2010 Coho brood stock

survival rate was very high and the return to the Somass system is

expected to be well above average.  The Coho returning to the Somass

River system will likely show up in Barkley Sound sometime by the

twentieth of August and slowly trickle into the inlet during the last

week of August and hopefully will peak during the Labor Day Weekend

Coho Derby and the first ten days of September.  Coho usually like a

shorter leader length and faster troll.   If the numbers returning hold

true, then the sport fishing opportunity will be fantastic by month’s



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Barkley Sound Salmon fishing has been very consistent since late

May and early June.   The sound, during most of the summer months

has been loaded with vast amounts of bait fish in small herring,

sardines, and anchovy.  The migration of Chinook and also Coho has

been quite good.   These migrating salmon are headed to the

Willamette, Sacramento, and Columbia River systems.   The salmon

have come into many of the areas of Barkley Sound and have rested

and heavily fed on the rich resources of food for the transient fish.

This has created a very good sport fishery on the surf line and well into

inshore areas.  Chinook and Coho numbers have been good numbers

for most of the summer.  Most of the Chinook have been in the mid to

high teens with some in the twenties and even a few in the low thirty

pound range.  The Coho have been in good numbers since very late

June and early July.  The Coho are really putting on weight as they are

frantically feeding.  The early season Coho were averaging five and six

pounds and now many are getting well above ten with a few up to

fifteen pounds.  Currently the best fishing has been at many of the surf

line locations.  Beale, Ship Island and Ewrd King, Kirby Point Meares and

Austin have all been consistently good.  The change of tide really seems

to put a push on for feeding salmon.  Either side of the tide by an hour

seems to create a good bite.  Anchovy is definitely a good idea to have

aboard ones sport boat.  Anchovy in green, chartreuse, green haze, and

even at time purple haze are all working well.   Hot Spot green flashers

in plain or glow green or glow chartreuse are a good bet.  Later in the

month many will use the purple gold or even the purple glass and blue

glass hotspot flashers.  If using plastic the white turd, white hootchies,

the AORL 12 army truck, purple haze are all working very well.   Often

bait size does play a huge role.  If the bait fish in the area one is fishing

is small then smaller green spoons in three and three and a half inch

are best.  The Coho are in water from twenty feet and down to seventy

and the Chinook are anywhere from sixty to one hundred and twenty

feet.   With a lot of WCVI fish beginning to now appear in Barkley Sound

locations it is important that any Chinook salmon greater than seventyseven cm be put back into the water.  Barbless hooks are essential and

a measuring tape should be close at hand.  Check all boundary

locations for Coho and Chinook.  In most areas of the sound Coho

salmon retention levels in August and September will be four per

person.  It is important to check all boundary locations however.

Ucluelet (West Coast)

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The latter part of July and first week and a half of August the

offshore fishing conditions have been quite outstanding and better

than average.   There have been a few foggy mornings with fog banks

hanging low but there definitely have been a good number of days that

have been quite the opposite.  Ocean conditions have been excellent

with a slight swell and more of a north westerly breeze in the

afternoons which have made many mornings almost perfect on the

water.  The Chinook salmon offshore on the banks outside Ucluelet and

also Bamfield located on the opposite shoreline have been very

plentiful and are averaging in weight from the mid to high teens.  There

have been some good Chinook in the mid twenty pound range.  In

general the fishing has been so good that many have been releasing

Chinook salmon in the ten to fourteen pound range.  The fish out on

the banks are transient and do come in waves during the summer.

These migrating salmon are often classified as early summer, mid-

summer and late summer runs.   It is often the late summer runs that

see some of the bigger Chinook move along the coastline as they make

their long journey to their natal streams.  Some of these late but bigger

fish were found at the Starfish late last week and most recently have

been at the fourteen mile off Cape Beale.  To date there have not been

a lot of Coho out on the banks.   The Coho have been abundant

however close to the beach and surf line of Vancouver Island and

Barkley Sound.  The Chinook salmon on the inner and outer South Bank

and also the Big Bank, Rats Nose and other offshore locations have

been swimming at the eighty to one hundred and forty foot depths.  A

variety of hootchies and spoons have been working for many sport

fishermen.  The brown and white turd and the light green spatterback

cuttlefish have been great producers for offshore salmon .  Trolling

speed of just over two to three miles an hour behind a green glow

hotspot flasher seems to work well offshore.  The five and six and

perhaps seven inch Tomic spoons will come into play a little more as

we get into mid August and also the latter part of the month.

We are expecting some great fishing well into September in the

Ucluelet, Barkley Sound, Offshore Vancouver Island (west coast) and

Port Alberni Inlet locations.   The Alberni Valley will be hosting the

Labour Day Weekend salmon Fishing Derby.  The Derby this year will

be for Coho only.  Look for more information during the weeks to come

regarding the derby.


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