June 18


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It is mid June and the sport salmon fishing in the Pacific Rim areas

is well underway.  June on the West Coast of British Columbia and

Vancouver Island brings warmer weather and calmer seas which bring

to us plenty of saltwater sport fishing opportunities.  Chinook salmon

have been plentiful, especially in the Barkley Sound area, over the last

number of weeks.  The salmon are feeding heavily on needlefish, small

herring, and pilchards.  Barkley Sound along the surf line locations and

as far inshore as Pill Point and Ecoole have had fantastic sport salmon

fishing with the Chinook averaging thirteen to just over twenty pounds.

The various banks just offshore from Ucluelet and Barkley Sound have

not been quite as consistent as the inshore areas as a good number of

the transient salmon that are migrating to the big watersheds to the

south are swimming close to the beach and feeding on the rich

resources of bait fish along the inner and outer edges of the Sound.

Coho are also beginning to show inshore and also out on the banks.

The numbers of Coho are not large yet but they should begin coming in

bigger schools.  The early Coho have been averaging six pounds and are

feeding heavily on the ample resources of bait fish and often in the

early summer months put on up to a pound per week.  West Vancouver

Island Coho returns are predicted to be very good in the latter half of

the summer.  The Port Alberni Inlet should see some good

opportunities for sport Sockeye fishing in the near future.  The

retention level for Sockeye beginning on the fifteenth of June is four

sockeye per day per person.  To June the 16

The current range for returns to the Somass

River is 300,000 to 500,000.  On the 27

seasonal forecast.  DFO has announced that there has been almost

11,000 Sockeye harvested.  The recreational fishery has totalled 400.

The Sockeye enter the Somass and swim to Sproat Lake or Great

Central Lake.  Escapement to date is 1,000 Sockeye to Great Central

Lake and 13,200 to Sproat Lake.  The Sockeye sit in the lakes for the

summer and in the fall spawn in the various tributary streams and



The 2013 salmon sport fishing season should once again be

fantastic along Vancouver Islands West Coast and inland waters close

to Port Alberni.


Port Alberni Inlet/Barkley Sound


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The Sockeye Sport Fishery in the Alberni Inlet opened on the first

of May.  The retention level per person per day has been two.  On the

fifteenth of June the possession limit moved to four per person with a

two day possession limit of eight Sockeye.  It is advised that sport

anglers continue checking DFO rules and regulations in case there is

any immediate change in the possession limits.  To this date there have

not been big numbers of Sockeye landed by sport anglers on the troll in

the waters of the inlet.  There has already been a fairly good number of

migrating Sockeye swim the inlet into the Somass River but the fish to

date have not schooled.  The snowpack in the nearby mountain

systems should not be detrimental to the sport Sockeye fishery but a

continued cool air mass circulating over the west coast of B.C. has kept

the water in the river and inlet cool.


The Sockeye in the Inlet are mostly swimming the top twentyfive to thirty-five feet of water as they sense the water in the Somass

River is very cool.  Those sport fisher persons hitting the water in the

next few weeks and fishing on the troll should find Sockeye in Cous

Creek, Dunsmuir Point, the China Creek Wall, the slide, narrows, and

the vast waters of Franklin-Nahmint.  The key to fishing Sockeye is lots

of color behind the boat, a slower troll and shorter leader lengths.  The

most popular Sockeye lures are a red or pink (mp 2, 16 or 15-

bubblegum color) mp hootchie.  Leader lengths are best at twenty-two

to twenty-seven inches behind a green or red hotspot flasher.  Sockeye

salmon are the number one commercial salmon and are fantastic on

the summer barbeque.


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Barkley Sound salmon fishing has been fantastic for the last

number of weeks.  For those who like fishing in fairly calm water

Barkley Sound is perfect.  The Sound is scenic and the water is pristine

and calm in the mornings and evenings.  The open water of Imperial

Eagle Channel and Trevor Channel can have some wind in the

afternoons blowing in from the cooler waters of the vast Pacific Ocean.

Generally the two shorelines are easy to fish most of the day.  Barkley

Sound has had good numbers of bait fish in small herring, needlefish,

pilchards and anchovy.  The migrating salmon that are termed the early

summer run headed to the watersheds to the south have been

entering Barkley Sound and feeding heavily on these bait fish.   Most of

the salmon have been Chinook with the odd Coho in the mix.  The Coho

numbers should become more numerous as we approach the end of

June and the beginning of July.  The Chinook have been found in surf

line locations such as Cree Island, Austin Island, Meares, Kirby Point,

and as far inshore as Pill Point, Ecoole, and even as far inshore as Chup

Point.  Some of the best fishing has been at Meares, Swale Rock and

Vernon Bay.  The salmon have been averaging thirteen pounds to the

low twenties.  There have been a few fish in the low thirties landed.

One guest last week landed a thirty-three pound Chinook just off of

Meares fishing at ninety feet with a silver glow coyote spoon.  Swale

Rock has been consistently remarkable on the Imperial Eagle side and

also on the back towards Howard Point.  Vernon Bay has had fantastic

sport fishing along the wall and the beach and also towards Alan Point.

The fish are deep with best results fishing on the troll from one

hundred to one hundred and forty feet.  The best fishing rule right now

in the Sound is “where the bait fish are the salmon are close by”.  The

fish have been hitting various coyote spoons in three and a half and

four inch sizes.  Green glo, green and blue nickel, and silver glow have

been working very well.  Anchovy in Rhys Davis Teaser heads in army

truck, green haze and chartreuse have all been good.  Hotspot flashers

in green glow and also the chartreuse flasher in glow on both sides

have been great with various coyote and Gypsy spoons and anchovy

teaser head colors.  Barkley Sound sport fishing should be very good in

June and July for Chinook and Coho salmon.




June is truly a very amazing month to be fishing off the coast of

Vancouver Island.  The transient salmon are in the midst of their long

journey back to their spawning grounds.  This year all of the inner and

outer offshore banks will have a very abundant mix of Chinook, Coho

and “odd year” Pink salmon.  Ucluelet fishing has been historically

one of the best locations for summer salmon fishing on the west coast

of British Columbia.  The fishing in the early spring months is often

relatively close to the Ucluelet Harbour.   We are now into mid June

and the salmon fishing is now locating out to the various banks.   The

latter half of May saw Long Beach producing some good halibut and

Chinook fishing.   The fishing which was very good in this location faded

and over the past week the better fishing results are coming in from

the inner and also outer South bank areas.  During the past weekend

South Bank areas especially the Turtle Head produced Chinook salmon

up to  the low twenty pound range and also some nice hatchery Coho

averaging six and seven pounds.  The Chinook this past weekend on

South Bank were located from one hundred and twenty feet to the

bottom and the Coho were swimming from 90 feet to the bottom.

Coyote spoons in the four inch size seemed to be working the best.

Green is always a good color in June.  Green Nickel and the green

glow coyote behind a green glow or chartreuse glow hotspot flasher

was working very well.  Anchovy in a green haze teaser head was also

working very well.  Some guides and sport fisher persons were doing

well also with blue nickel and also the different coloured spatter back

hootchies and cuttle fish.  The weekend weather and water conditions

especially Saturday was perfect offshore.  It was T-shirt weather and

great salmon fishing for all.  The Ucluelet Ladder Derby is underway

with tickets for the year at fifty dollars and daily tickets at ten dollars.

There are great monthly prizes and also the opportunity to be in the

final fish off during the second weekend of September.


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The summer of 2013 should prove to be another great season

of saltwater sport salmon fishing in Barkley Sound, Port Alberni and

Ucluelet inshore and offshore.


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