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Essential for the DIY angler. Become a fishing report member by subscribing to our reports and be in the loop with the best and most current information for west coast Vancouver Island waters. Subscribe through PayPal, the safest online purchasing tool and your reports will be sent directly to e-mail.

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These reports will focus on the fishing grounds of Tofino, Ucluelet, Barkley Sound, Alberni Inlet, and the Stamp/Sproat river. The reports will be highly detailed and outline the precise hotspots of the day, what the catch was, the most successful lures, bait, and depths that were used. In addition to this will be a forecast of the following few days between reports with tips on where, when and how to fish. This is hands down the most detailed report focused specifically on these waters we fish daily.

These reports are based on first-hand experiences of our company and guides fishing in these areas every day. This subscription will run through the prime season in May – October.

Platinum Membership

The Platinum fishing report membership is the highest-level membership and includes in-depth fishing reports TWICE WEEKLY. The purpose is to provide local anglers and tourists who have boats and gear with highly detailed information to give the best opportunity for success on the water. Platinum Members will see images to supplement information such as the successful lures and access to video links when necessary. Platinum memberships are great for anglers who are fishing the area often and want to be in the honey holes every day!

Gold Membership 

The Gold fishing report membership will offer the same features as the Platinum level but will be a weekly report with no mid-week updates. The Gold Membership is great for the anglers who may not be fishing every week but want to be in the loop with current conditions and strategies so they choose the right days to be on the water and have success!


Standard Membership 

The Standard fishing report membership is a once a month report and will have a more generalized approach then the Gold and Platinum Membership levels. The reports will recap the most recent fishing conditions as well as what has brought the most success and will forecast the next month, sharing what we predict will be happening in the different zones. This membership is for anglers who don’t need specific, real-time guidance, and are maybe just curious as to what is happening in the areas of  Ucluelet, Tofino, Barkley Sound, Alberni Inlet and the Somass/ Stamp River.